Shipping Informations

Shipping Informations

Please read and understand our shipping before you shop. 

We’re so sorry for our UK customers that we do not ship to UK due to the VAT TAX. 
For more information on UK VAT click here

Since the Postal Service is temporarily suspending international mail acceptance for certain destinations, this is because due to the related of COVID-19, some countries that we cannot ship at the moment: check the USPS website link here

Orders over $15 - Free Shipping 
Online customers order of $15 or more will ship free of charge to addresses in United State and International.  

Orders under $15
Orders under $15 will be charge a flat rate shipping fee of $4.00.

As for international, order under $15 will be charge a flat rate shipping of $14.50. 

Most order are shipped the next business day and should arrive within 2-5 days after purchase. Since, during this time of COVID, we cannot control the shipping time, post-holiday, catch-up, and USPS underfunding. Some orders may take times depends where the customers live.For international, it may take up to 1-3 weeks for your order to get to your destination. Please be patience - Thank you. Also, tracking information is provide to our customers. 

P.O. Boxes 
For your concern, we do ship to P.O. boxes.

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