Hi everyone! Welcome to my small shop. 

   After working so hard on this small shop and putting all the time and effort whenever I have the time. Before, I didn’t have much time due to my full-time job as a manager and doing online school. I also moved out of town and lived with my fiancé so I didn’t have all my cutting equipment with me for another month. That’s the reason why I had to close my shop for a while. Now, I am back to do the things I love, which is making arts, stickers, or anything that I can create. 

I will keep everyone up-to-date through my shop on my blog posts, Instagram, and Facebook. 
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me through my Instagram DM (@akusarts ) and my email (akusarts@gmail.com). 

Thank you for visiting Aku’s Arts Shop <3! 




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